Topics that we unfold and athletes can benefit from within and beyond their sport.


Topics that we unfold and athletes can benefit from within and beyond their sport.

Social media

Build your personal brand by sharing what you love

Time management

Learn how to prioritize and be efficient

New passion

Helping you igniting a passion and to live a fulfilling life

Job interview

How to write a CV and other tips for getting your dream job

Personal finance

Learn how to make smart decisions to gain financial freedom

Dual career

How to combine sport and studies

Transfer your skills

Use your talent and strength outside the sport

Our story

Being a professional athlete is amazing. Until it’s not. More specifically, until the moment when a player starts to realize that he knows nothing but the sport. This realization comes often when the athlete's career is over and he or she must starts from the ground zero. Missed on things that an athlete might not even know about followed by feelings of emptiness, loss of identity, and even confusion. Those are just a few of the feelings during the major changes in someone’s life. A grand change like the transition from sport to a normal life could have various effects. The average life span of a professional athletes career is around 5 years, which a tremendously short period of time, considering what life has to offer.


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Meet the Founders


Martina Sucha

Martina Sucha, known as one of the most hard-working and dedicated professional Slovak tennis players. During her honorable 12 year-long professional career on WTA tour, Martina has attended all of the most prestigious Grand Slams (Rolland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open), WTA tournaments, Fed Cup, and Olympic Games in Athens. She considers her victories in Fed Cup, quarterfinals at Australian Open and two victories on WTA tournaments the most precious ones. Martina has transferred her skills into coaching to pass the legacy to talented players around the world. Martina has coached at well known John McEnroe’s tennis academy in New York. She has studied Economy and Management at PEVŠ. Occasionally she enjoys sports commentary. Her personal experience led her to cofounding Balin Club because she believes that players need to be better prepared what’s ahead of them. Court is tough, life is tougher.


Klaudia Malenovska

Klaudia Malenovska is a tennis player with a broad variety of playing and non-playing experiences. She grew to be a part of top junior players in the world and took a scholarship to D1 university in California. Her marketing degree at CSULB, followed by a Masters Degree in Digital Business and Innovation lead her to Branding Strategist career in E-commerce. Klaudia holds an ICF certificate that lets her coach athletes and Business professionals. During her transition from sport to a real life, she realized how badly she was prepared for the life-change. During past years she gained an academic expertise in athletes transition and is excited to open up this topic to a broad audience to make an impact. She enjoys interviewing various athletes about their transition to understanding every aspect of the phenomena. Fun fact: Martina and Klaudia have had the same coach for a period of time.

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