Being a professional athlete is amazing. Until it’s not. More specifically, until the moment when a player starts to realize that he knows nothing but the sport. This realization comes often when the athletes career is over and he or she must starts from the ground zero. Missed on things that an athlete might not even knew about followed by feelings of emptiness, loss of identity, and even confusion. Those are just few of the feelings during the major changes in someone’s life. A grand change like transition from sport to a normal life could have a various effects. The average life span of a professional athletes career is around 5 years, which a tremendously short period of time, considering what life has to offer.

We are Klaudia Malenovska and Martina Sucha, former tennis players that have experienced the bad and the good of the tour and have a personal experience with athletes transition. We both gave everything on the tennis court, the years of practice, discipline, hard-work, always following the process, but we never realized that what waits behind the fences is much bigger and tougher than match balls and sets. We never considered what is next. We played and acted like we will play forever. We never wanted to accept that there might be a change ahead of us and thus we did not prepare for it at all. If we would have the experiences and knowledge back than, we would do many things differently. With many years of studying the phenomena of athletes transition, consultations with experts on a variety of topics or intensive cooperation with many former athletes inspired us to share the know-how and prevent the worst. Wasted potential. That’s why we decided to create a club that will prepare the athletes for life after sport. Whether it’s by changing their mindsets, advising them academically or career wise, leading them to their news paths or staying by their sides. Simply, we want to help them to reach their full potential, far, far beyond the court.

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